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EEAC - European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils

Responding to Covid19: Building social, economic and environmental resilience with the European Green Deal

In response to the Covid19 pandemic, the Board of the EEAC Network hosted a meeting of council members, secretary-generals and directors of its member bodies to discuss the pandemic and what it will mean for the sustainable development and environmental agendas. There was a consensus that the pandemic reinforces the need to actively pursue an enhanced European Green Dealand the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Following the meeting, EEAC Chairman Arnau Queralt Bassa drafted a messages, entitled Responding to Covid19, Building social, economic and environmental resilience with the European Green Deal





RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action

RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action is an unprecedented joint call from civil society and philanthropic organisations urging governments and businesses to take the bold, fair actions needed to safeguard the ocean.  
The Oceano Azul Foundation partnered together with Ocean Unite and Oak Foundation decided to bring together an influential group of ocean conservation organizations and foundations, Indigenous peoples and fisherfolk to agree on common priorities and solutions needed to tackle the ocean crisis and raise the level of ambition for action. 
You may help us spread the word and be part of the “RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action" by calling organizations to sign up via the website: and by sharing over social media using the hashtag #RiseUp4TheOcean.

With RISE UP we are calling not for what is possible, but for what is needed!



Webinars Água&Ambiente

Debater a “nova normalidade” na Energia, nos Resíduos e na Água

O jornal Água&Ambiente vai organizar três webinars para que terão lugar nos próximos dias 1, 2 e 3 de junho de 2020

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European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) 2020

The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19. This year, the ESDW 2020 will take place from 20-26 September 2020. However, in order to allow some flexibility of event organizers in the different European countries, we will accept events that take place from 18 September - 8 October 2020. Event organizers can already register events that will take place during this timeframe on the ESDW website at!


EEAC Newsletter April 2020

A rede “European Environment and Sustainable Development  Advisory Couuncils (EEAC)” edita a sua o seu boletim de notícias (Newsletter) Edição April 2020 que divulga as actividades da rede e é direcionado, principalmente, para o público em geral.


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