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The Council has 36 members (designated by central and regional governments and more than 2/3 designated by civil society, including NGO, local communities, universities, business and trade unions) plus its Chairman, Prof. Dr. M√°rio Ruivo. According to article 3 of the Law Decree n.136/2004, the composition of the CNADS is the following:

cfr. art.¬ļ 3¬ļ, DL 221/97 ‚Äď DL 136/2004)
Council Members Institution
Agriculture Eng. José Guerreiro dos Santos Portuguese Agriculture Confederation
Agriculture Engª Isabel Vilar Graça National Agriculture Confederation
Chairman Prof. Dr. M√°rio Ruivo Appointed by the Council of Ministers
Co-opted Dra. Luísa Schmidt Sociologist
Co-opted Prof. José Manuel Lima Santos University Professor
Co-opted Prof. Eugénio Menezes Sequeira University Professor
Co-opted Dr. Aristides Leit√£o Former Executive Secretary of CNADS
Consumer NGO Eng. Fernando José Nunes da Silva DECO
Government Prof. Filipe Duarte Santos Ministry of Science and Technology, expert in Climate Change and Physics
Government Prof. Nuno Portas Architect, Urbanist
Government Prof. Jo√£o Guerreiro Economist Professor
Government Prof. Jo√£o M.B. Lavinha Medical Professor
Government Prof. Viriato Soromenho- Marques University Professor
Government Prof. Dr. Luís Veiga da Cunha Expert in water resources
Government Prof. Jo√£o M. Dias dos Santos Pereira Forestry
Government Prof. José Joaquim Dinis Reis Faculty of Economy, University of Coimbra
Industry (Business) Eng. Jaime Braga CIP
Industry (Business) Eng. José Faria e Santos AIP
Local Communities Dr.ª Maria Emília de Sousa CM. Almada, Mayor
Local Communities Eng. Joaquim Barreto CM. Cabeceiras de Bastos, Mayor
NGOs Dra. Maria Jo√£o Pereira CPADA / LPN
NGOs Engª Susana Fonseca CPADA /QUERCUS
NGOs Prof. Jorge Américo Rodrigues Paiva Biologist, Portuguese Confederation for Environmental
Regional Development NGO Bach. Paulo Vicêncio M. Bernardo Globalgarve
Regional Development NGO Dr. João Rabaça TESE
Regional Governments Prof. José Virgílio de Matos Figueira Cruz Regional Government of Azores
Regional Governments Dr. António Abreu Consultant
Socio-Professional Societies Prof. José Cardoso de Resende Veterinary Association
Socio-Professional Societies Prof. José Guerreiro Biologists Association
Trade and Tourism Dr. Luís Brás ADIPA
Trade and Tourism Eng. Henrique Montelobo CTP
Trade Unions Prof. José Manuel da Luz Cordeiro Trade Unionist, UGT
Trade Unions Prof. José Manuel Esteves Marques Janela CGTP IN
Universities Chancellors Council Prof. Jo√£o Carlos Marques Coimbra University
Universities Chancellors Council Profª. Paula Antunes Environmental Engineer, University New of Lisbon
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